Felix Cash property business portfolio

Felix Cash owns and manages the following companies

LuxuryLife Developments Ltd

Launched in 2018. Exclusive bungalow living in Cornwall with five start Park Home (luxury mobile homes) estates.

· Fir Hill Luxury Residential Bungalow Estate, Cornwall.

Phoenix Residential Homes Ltd

Launched in 2007. Mr Cash and Phoenix Residential Homes Ltd includes Nine Mile Ride in Wokingham – residential accommodation as a gated community in a rural location.

· St George’s Property Park, Wokingham (Felix Cash worked with Wokingham Borough Council to ensure planning regulations were fulfilled.)

Felix Leisure Ltd

Launched in 2011. Includes Felix Cash (mobile home) park homes. The Company operates rented, self-contained bungalows/caravans. With secure parking and a gated entrance.

Kyngwood Parks Ltd

Launched in 2022. Supplies luxury holiday park homes and residential lodges.

Three Counties Developments Ltd

Launched in 2017. Specialises in construction and period renovation.

Pennine Park Homes Ltd

Launched in 2020, Felix Cash park homes is an ongoing concern.


Terrafirma Paving Ltd - how it all started

  • Felix started working with his family when he was just 12 years old, learning all he could about his older brother’s work in construction. He was 17 when he decided to branch out alone and then started his own company in 1991 with Terrafirma Paving.

    As the business went from strength to strength, the now local landowner, Felix Cash began to develop and process other business ideas including perfect park homes. Terrafirma Paving continues to thrive under the management of his son, Patrick.

    Mr Cash runs the rest of his portfolio of businesses, while spending as much time as possible with his family. This balanced attitude has allowed him to reach such a successful outcome and has enabled him to help other families all year round.

Mr Cash and Phoenix Residential Homes Ltd

  • Phoenix Residential Homes Ltd represents his overarching mission to help people who need it the most.

    In the early 2000s, St George’s Park (managed by Phoenix Residential Homes) was very small with only seven caravan properties hidden away off the Nine Mile Ride. By the year 2006, it had expanded with a few more caravan properties and a hefty waiting list, showing just how necessary operating a mobile caravan park was in that site for those who need it (i.e. those struggling with homelessness or financial difficulties)

    Mr Felix Cash (mobile homes expert). and the park manager, worked closely with council workers at Wokingham Borough Council Housing Department and Transform, which is a body set up to help homeless people. By working closely with council officers, Mr Cash was able to find the best way to make the most of where the park is located and offer the opportunity of affordable accommodation to many people.

    It was when he was forced to turn a homeless person away, due to lack of space, that Felix decided to expand the Park (still managed by Phoenix Residential Homes Limited) in order to help as many people as possible with an extensive range of accessible accommodation. St George’s Park is operated by Phoenix Residential Homes.

Felix Cash Philantrophic

Family-orientated and locally minded

  • Local land and mobile homes owner Felix Cash (Wokingham) is all about family. Married with seven kids, three of whom own their own businesses, Felix Cash closely follows the career of his youngest son (and namesake). Felix Cash is proud to be a father of champion professional boxer Felix Cash. Since his professional debut, Felix has won every fight. He has now achieved the WBC International Silver Middleweight Title, the Commonwealth Middleweight Title and the British Middleweight Title.

    In his leisure time, Felix Cash (Reading) often heads to Royal Ascot in June for ladies’ day. He also keeps up with his son's next fight, in person at the First Direct Arena, London 02 Arena, and Wembley Arena.